CraftW. was founded in 2005 and has united in its collective the best IT specialists in the field with more than 20 years of professional experience. The main activities of the company are software development, network infrastructure design, and construction, as well as customer computer maintenance services, which include technical assistance, data protection, and infrastructural audits.

The accumulated experience over the years enables us to accurately evaluate the risk factors of each project and find the optimal solution. One of our basic principles is to go into customer specific business needs and, based on them, offer the best systemic solution.


User-friendliness, security, and compatibility with other client IT systems are the cornerstones on which we build upon when developing software. We respect these principles, regardless of whether we are building a database, a logistics system, or a corporate website. During our lifetime, we have developed solutions that have enabled many companies to optimize their dynamic internal processes and increase their capacity.

Often, in order to achieve the optimum result, we offer hybrid solutions, for example - to combine business management systems with economical and user-friendly user applications, including mobile-specific applications that bring specific customer tasks closer to the general public, with immediate availability in our dynamic mobility conditions.

Our strengths are internet solutions, data management systems, and mobile applications suitable for commerce.

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As the company evolves, the data network infrastructure and its performance requirements are also changing. CraftW. will help you cope with this cyclic problem, from advice and design to life-long implementation. During our operation, we have completed various small offices and complex objects such as the construction of the National Courthouse Network.


Any hardware, networks, and all that is associated with these, ages with time, sometimes breaks or no longer functions as quickly as it would be desirable, so it's very important to understand exactly what IT security needs to be improved and changed, restructured or re-created, while preserving the original data volumes.

Our services: Maintenance and service of IT systems; Maintenance, service, and auditing of IT infrastructure; Repairing hardware and data from corrupted data carriers.